About us

Компания “ITEL” — is a Russian integrator of industrial automation and dispatching systems. The main district of our activity is design automation equipment, production and supply of special facilities for AIMSCE, АСУ ТП and telemechanics.

We offer ready-made solutions for controlling outdoor street lighting of the roads, settlements and industrial facilities. Implementation systems of commercial and technical electricity metering. Full complex of services, from object inspection, development of technical specifications and projects to installation of equipment and commissioning of the system.

Over the years, more than 3,000 projects have been implemented for governmental and commercial organizations on the Russian market. There are law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and banks, industrial and commercial enterprises among the regular customers of the company.

The main activities of the company:

  • Design and development of automation and dispatch systems.
  • Own production of equipment for automated lighting control and energy saving systems.
  • Wiring, construction and installation works of outdoor lighting control systems, data networks and safety systems.
  • Commissioning of power supply and telemechanics systems.
  • Retail and volume sales of equipment for industrial automation systems.

Work in our company

Work in ITEL contains interesting innovative projects, cooperation with industry leaders and a professional team!