Устройство защиты цепи питания

PLP module ICL 25 and ICL 35

PLP module is designed to protect LED lamps and other electrical equipment with inductive and capacitive loads in order to protect automatic machines and circuits against inrush currents when turned on.

The inrush current limiter is connected directly in front of the device, which is characterized by too high inrush current.

Main purpose

  • Extends the life of electrical equipment
  • Prevents false positives of circuit breakers

Areas of use

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Industry


Performance monophase
Rated phase voltage 220 V
Network frequency 50 Hz
Harmonic composition of voltage ГОСТ Р 54149-2010
Current limit time, ms 60-100
Class of protection ip 20
Operating temperature range -40 °С … +70 °С
Climatic performance УХЛ4
The presence of an integrated fuse Thermal non-resettable fuse 128 ° С
Type of installation on DIN rail