Automated Information and Measuring System of Commercial Energy Metering (AIMSCEM)


The metering cabinets are intended for monitoring and metering of electric energy; they act as a part of Automated Information and Measuring System of Commercial Energy Metering (AIMSCEM).

Automated system for commercial accounting of electricity (ASCAE) is a complex of hardware and software devices that provide remote collection, storage and processing of information about energy flows in electric networks.

The metering cabinet integrates the individual components of automated systems for monitoring and accounting for electricity into functionally complete modules.


  • Energy facilities
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Residential private sector
  • Utilities
  • Organizations performing independent settlements with suppliers or electricity consumers


  • Collection, processing, accumulation, storage and display of data from electricity meters measuring information about consumed and issued active and reactive energy and power;
  • Transmission of information from meters via physical line, dial-up or dedicated telephone channel;
  • Protection of measurement information and metrological characteristics of the (ASCAE) against unauthorized access and alteration;
  • Protection of data transmission channels from impulse noise
  • Providing uninterrupted power;
  • Transformation of the data interface.


  1. GSM-modem;
  2. Antenna;
  3. Shield socket;
  4. Test box;
  6. Automatic switch;
  7. Power Connection Terminals.

Состав и назначение шкафа может различаться и определяется техническим заданием на его проектирование и требованиями к системе АИИС КУЭ.


Supply voltage 50 Hz 380/220v
Frequency of AC supply voltage, Hz 50 ± 5 %
Weight, kg No more than 18
Service life, years Not less than 10
Degree of protection IP 54
Warranty period 24 months
Overall dimensions, mm 350 x 320 x 160