Релейный модуль Союз RM-4

The main purpose of the “Soyuz RM-4 Relay” module is discrete reading and output of information for controlling indicators, buttons and contactors for processing analog signals.

The Soyuz RM-4 relay module is made in an industrial building that allows to connect the expansion modules of the Soyuz model range.


Parameters of electric power, V From 20,4 to 26,4
Active power consumption, W, no more than 10
Overall dimensions, mm:  
-height x width x depth 122x115x25
Weight, kg, no more than 300
Operating conditions:  
-ambient temperature range

From -40 °С to +70 °С

-relative humidity of air, %, no more than 80
– atmospheric pressure range, kPa From 66,0 to 106,7
Average lifetime, years, not less than 20
Error-free running period, hours, not less than 50000